Grandpa’s rock

My first and most-treasured hunting experiences were with my grandfather. Grandpa always got his deer, and once I was old enough, I was the lucky one who got to sit with him.
On opening morning, we would always sit on the same rock that overlooked the convergence of two trails.

I remember two things vividly. One, we always got a buck by 9:00 am — Grandpa never missed. And two, sitting on that rock was nothing short of a pain in the butt literally. I didn’t dare move, but, boy, did my butt hurt after awhile.

Grandpa is gone now, but I still sit on that rock, and I frequently get my deer. But there is one thing I do differently from Grandpa – I always bring a Therm-A-Seat!

The Killing Tree

This tree is affectionately called the Killing Tree. Countless turkey hunters have killed their first tom while sitting against this tree. The spot is not a sure thing, but it’s about as close as you can get. But only if you are patient. The birds roost nearby but almost always work their way out into an adjacent cornfield for a little breakfast. It’s not until almost mid-morning that they filter back into the woods. When they do, they come by the Killing Tree. This means you need the patience and gumption to wait for the birds. So, bring your trusty shotgun, your favorite call, and, most important, a Wedge from Therm-A-Seat. Because when you sit at the Killing Tree, one thing is certain: You’ll tag your turkey if you can sit long enough. And nothing makes it easier to sit than the supremely comfortable Wedge!

Moose Butt

If you hunt from a treestand, you know what it’s like to sit for long hours on a hard surface. Sure, most better stands come with cushions, but those cushions are usually low quality and don’t last very long when left out in the elements — and few of us take them in.

So, eventually, those cushions get tossed, and, invariably, you end up sitting on a hard metal seat. The result is a major case of moose butt — an affliction that causes discomfort and the “squirms,” which isn’t good if you’re trying to sit still.

The solution is a Therm-A-Seat. Therm-A-Seats are far more durable and comfortable than a cheap cushion. And they’re easy to transport because they attach to your belt and weigh next to nothing. Best of all, you’ll be able to sit longer and stay still — and that means you’re more likely to bag a big buck!

Outdoor Legend

To me and my brothers, our father was an outdoor legend. It wasn’t because he always bagged his buck, never missed a duck, or always got his limit of fish. Rather, Dad was an outdoor legend because he made sure we always had the latest equipment. That way, even as youngsters, we were able to enjoy our outdoor pursuits and better-than-average success. We were among the first to have a depth finder for fishing. We always had nice rods and reels. He helped us make treestands. He got us a power auger. The list goes on and on.

Interestingly, of all those innovative products we used those decades ago, few have stood the test of time. One that has is the Heat-A-Seat. Sure, today’s fabrics and insulations are better, but the concept really hasn’t changed. We all used our Heat-A-Seats then and still do today. That’s really saying something! It’s testament to a good product. And, it’s fair to say, Heat-A-Seat is an outdoor legend!