The Heat-A-Seat is legendary for keeping people warm with no gimmicks, chemicals or batteries. It’s perfect to bring along on any excursion that requires added heat and comfort. Hunters can trust that the InsulSoft foam blend inside the seat will stay quiet, even in the coldest temperatures.


Product Description

  • Insulated with premium InsulSoft, a closed-cell foam blend that’s warm, soft and durables

How does it work?

Heat A Seats simply retain and reflect your body heat back to you. Thermaseats also serve as an added layer of protection between you and the ground, rock, stump, stand, or whatever it may be that you are sitting on.


“This item works great. Easy to carry. Keeps my butt dry and warm. Would recommend this product to anybody whether you are at a stadium or in the woods hunting in the winter.” (Verified Purchase)

“Bought this for my husband for his birthday. He uses it all the time and loves it. It not only warms but add cushion as well. It’s been great for cold hunting and sporting events.” (Verified Purchase)